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Gunite and Fiberglass Pools in Utah

Vinyl. Concrete. Plunge pool. Above-ground. Infinity pool. There are so many types of pools to choose from! But we’re here to help you decide.

At Packman’s Pools, we make it easier for you to pick the best materials and design. We know which ones deliver on longevity, beauty and maximum enjoyment.

We offer two types of inground pools in Utah: gunite and fiberglass. These are the most common pool types in Utah because of their durability, attractiveness and speed of installation.

We expertly design your gunite and fiberglass pools for the highest quality and value. Our team is committed to building beautiful pools that leave you happy and satisfied for years to come. With your unique needs in mind, we can create a pool of any size or shape.

Since swimming pools are a big investment, we use only top-quality construction materials. For a custom-made swimming pool in Utah that matches with your vision, contact Packman’s Pools.

What Is a Gunite Pool?

Gunite is a mixture of concrete and sand and laid over rebar. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also extremely durable. It’s a common material in bridges, tunnels and water tanks. Homeowners prefer this material because it’s heavy-duty. It’s tough enough to withstand interior damage from sharp objects.

Homeowners who choose gunite pools also have the option of a variety of finishes. This means you can select the look that best coordinates with your pool’s surroundings, or you can create a unique design. Our gunite pools come in a variety of finishes that complement your outdoor area. We can create a finish from glass or pebbles, for instance, or add features, such as waterfalls and custom steps for visual appeal.

Another advantage to using gunite is that it’s flexible. But more than being built to last, gunite pools can be formed in any shape. The added flexibility allows you to choose a nontraditional shape, so you can get the pool of your dreams right in your own backyard. Whatever design you have in mind, gunite is the ideal material.

girl swimming in fiberglass and gunite swimming pools

Fiberglass Pools

Another popular type of pool is fiberglass. Like gunite pools, fiberglass pools can come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. This material is created by weaving thin glass strands into fabric. That fabric is then hardened using a special polyester resin. We install these molded pools in your back yard in one piece.

Adding weather-resistant gel can help achieve a smooth finish for the pool, and adding a heating element can help extend your swimming time into the cold months. You can even add fiberoptic lights to your fiberglass pool for longer time in the water at night.

You can add a finish to fiberglass pools, but this finish is more suited to making the pool feel smooth rather than serving aesthetic purposes. This smoothness can help fiberglass pools resist algae buildup and keep pH levels stable. The surface of fiberglass pools — called the gelcoat — is virtually nonporous. So the structure is free of rough edges; all you need to do is brush the surface to keep algae at bay.

Having a fiberglass pool means low maintenance costs because they’ll never need resurfacing or a liner replacement layer like vinyl pools do.

One of the advantages to fiberglass pools is that they can usually be built extremely quickly, depending on the area. We manufacture the fiberglass pool shell off-site, so the installation time is significantly shorter than with gunite pools.

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Why Choose a Gunite Pool Over a Vinyl Liner Pool?

We get a lot of inquiries from Utah homeowners about vinyl liner pools. Some budget-conscious customers consider installing vinyl liner pools because of their low costs. But this material comes with hidden costs.

Vinyl liner pools require more maintenance work over the years. Their biggest disadvantage lies in the cost that accompanies the need to frequently replace the liner.

And vinyl liner pools are not as algae-resistant as our fiberglass pools in Utah. The pool’s surface is nonporous, but some parts, where the white plastic steps attach to the pool walls, are submerged. And these can turn into potential breeding grounds for algae.

That’s why we suggest homeowners install a gunite pool instead. Its chemical structure can withstand water pressure and they are built to last. Also, you pay less for pool maintenance in the long run.

Professional Swimming Pool Contractors in Utah

We want you to get the most out of your swimming pool investment. And that is why we offer only gunite and fiberglass pools in Utah that are built to last. You can enjoy swimming with your friends and family on holidays. And your grown children can drop by with the grandkids for a weekend barbecue by the pool.

Packman’s Pools has been designing, manufacturing and installing pools and spas for over 20 years. We offer pay-as-you-go programs and other financing options for your ultimate convenience. We provide quick turnaround times and can complete most builds within 60 days.

Talk to us about your dream pool and we’ll make it happen. Call us or fill out our short contact form to get a quote.