Swimming Pool Waterfall: Basics, Costs, Alternative Uses

At Packman’s Pools, when we say “custom” pool builds, we truly mean it. Our custom swimming pool design and construction services are utilized by clients to create unique, one-of-a-kind pool setups, featuring numerous potential design elements, aesthetic upgrades and related themes.

One feature of a pool design that’s become more and more popular over recent years for several reasons: A pool waterfall, which adds both aesthetic and practical value to any pool setup. What defines a pool waterfall, what does this sort of addition to your pool design typically cost, and what are some of the general pros and cons of a pool waterfall for your situation? Here are several themes to keep in mind.

swimming pool waterfall costs

Pool Waterfall Basics and Design

Most of us know what waterfalls look like, and pool waterfalls conform here within a few specifics. Also sometimes called grottos, pool waterfalls will have a few shared features:

  • They will start above the overall waterline of the pool
  • Water will flow over the edge through powered pumps

Beyond these basic characteristics, however, pool waterfalls can vary significantly. They come in varying shapes and sizes, plus utilize several different natural (rocks) or artificial (concrete, brick or synthetic) materials for the actual structures. They can be integrated into elevated tanning ledges or spas, also.

An additional consideration here: Maintenance, which tends to be a bit higher for pools with waterfalls. Their internal pump components may require a bit more upkeep than other pool fixtures, for instance, and any walls or structures must be kept in good shape.

Cost Considerations

Costs of a pool waterfall addition will vary pretty significantly depending on the waterfall type, where it’s being built, it’s size, and several other factors. Standard cascade waterfalls, the type that are usually built into the side of a pool or into a separate raised wall, will generally run between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on size, but there are also other custom models or setups that will be much pricier.

In addition, the maintenance areas we went over above add some costs to your operational needs. Plan for around $30-$50 per month in additional maintenance costs for a standard waterfall, or more for a specialized custom waterfall.

Alternative Uses

One major part of the value of a pool waterfall is the several additional or alternative uses it’s good for:

  • Tanning ledge: Waterfalls can be used in several ways on tanning ledges, including being built into the ledge itself.
  • Spillways: If you want, your waterfall can flow down from an elevated spillway, including one from a story or two up.
  • Retaining walls: Waterfalls are often built into retaining walls around the pool, offering higher elevation.
  • Spa or hot tub: You have numerous options here, from waterfalls flowing into a spa or hot tub to options where the waterfall flows out of the hot tub.

For more on installing a waterfall as part of your custom swimming pool, or to learn more about our pool design and construction services, speak to the staff at Packman’s Pools today.