Pool, Spa, or Both: Options, Space, Budget, Purpose

If you’re a homeowner looking to install some type of water body on your property, you have multiple quality options to choose from. Should you be going with a swimming pool, a hot tub/spa, or even both at the same time?

At Packman’s Pools, we’re here to help with these decisions — and also to offer a wide range of both options, from quality swimming pool materials like fiberglass pools to custom gunite and fiberglass spas. What are some general areas to be considering when you’re making your selection(s) here, and what are some of the pros and cons of each of these options? This two-part blog series will go over everything you need to know.

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Knowing the Pool and Spa Options Available to You

First and foremost, you want to have proper information on your side as you make decisions about adding a pool and/or spa to your yard. What exactly are you working with in terms of different styles and materials? Here’s a brief overview:

  • In-Ground Pools: These can be made from various materials, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, or concrete (gunite/shotcrete).
  • Above-Ground Pools: These are generally made from either steel or aluminum, with a vinyl liner.
  • On-Ground Pools: These resemble in-ground pools but don’t require as much excavation; they can be made of various materials including fiberglass and vinyl liner.

For spas, on the other hand, you’re generally going to be looking at two different types:

  • Portable Spas: These can be moved if necessary, and are generally made of acrylic. They often come with their own stand-alone heating system.
  • In-Ground Spas: Like pools, these can also be made from various materials including gunite/shotcrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner.

There are pros and cons to each of these different types of pools and spas — which we’ll go over in more detail later on. But first, let’s look at some other factors you might want to keep in mind as you make your decision.

Space Available

One of the key areas to consider is how much space you actually have in your yard. An in-ground pool is going to require quite a bit of excavation, which means that you need to have enough room on your property to accommodate it. If space is limited, an above-ground or on-ground pool might be a better option — or, if you’re really tight on space, a portable spa might be the way to go.

Your Budget

Another important consideration is your budget. In-ground pools are generally going to be the most expensive option, followed by on-ground pools and then above-ground pools. Spas can also vary in price depending on the type and features — but in general, portable spas will be less expensive than in-ground spas.

Purpose/Intended Use

As you’re making your decisions, you also want to think about why you’re adding a pool and/or spa to your property in the first place. What is the main purpose or intended use? Are you mostly looking for a place to cool off in the summer, or do you want a pool that you can swim laps in year-round? Do you want a relaxing spa to unwind in, or are you looking for something that offers more therapeutic benefits?

The answers to these questions will help guide your decision as to which type of pool and/or spa is right for you.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our swimming pool or spa options, speak to the team at Packman’s Pools today.