Swimming Pool Construction in Salt Lake City

An outdoor pool and spa is the epitome of comfort. It can transform an ordinary backyard into a haven for relaxation. It can elevate the look and ambiance of your property, giving it a premium vibe that many people experience only when they are in highly-rated hotels, resorts, and homes of wealthy homeowners.

But even though swimming pools and spas are associated with luxury, they are not exclusive to properties owned by CEOs, company directors, celebrities, and so forth. Even your humble home in Utah can have a decent-sized pool or spa; you only need to hire a custom pool contractor in Salt Lake City who can make what you envision happen.

Packman’s Pools has been in the business of designing, constructing, and supplying materials for outdoor swimming pools and spas in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our customers are residents, commercial establishments, home contractors, and builders looking for high-quality pool materials and contracting services.

  • Customized swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Timeless designs
  • Gorgeous landscaping
  • Beautiful, functional, and long-lasting pool decks
  • Expert pool construction management

Cool Down in Summer, Have a Warm Bath in Winter

Transform your backyard into a tiny, private resort with our gorgeous installations.

  • Custom Spas – Create a cozy and romantic spot in your yard that’s separate from your main pool. We can customize an outdoor spa for you and install a jacuzzi that’s both functional and beautiful.
  • Swimming Pools – Bring your backyard to life when you install a swimming pool through Packman’s Pools. Our experienced team and contractors can complete the construction and have your pool ready for use in less than 60 days.

We can also install different kinds of swimming pools:

1. In-ground Pools – Unlike aboveground pools, in-ground swimming pools are permanent and can increase the value (or at least the customer appeal) of your property. Some of the best projects we’ve done are with in-ground pools surrounded by well-constructed pool decks, plants, and dramatic landscaping and lighting.

2. Gunite Pools – These are concrete pools, which are the most popular type of swimming pools today. Concrete pools are often built using shotcrete or gunite concrete. Both are strong and long-lasting materials for pools, but many prefer gunite because it doesn’t need a liner.

3. Fiberglass pools – Also called “one-piece swimming pools,” fiberglass swimming pools are built off-site and transported to your backyard on the day of the installation. The pool is made from several layers of fiberglass shell, all of them binding together to form a strong, solid, and tough pool that can last for decades.

These pools can give you a reprieve during the scorching summers; and when winter comes, you can indulge in a toasty, outdoor bath in your jacuzzi.

Packman’s Pools Gets the Job Done

An in-ground swimming pool and outdoor spa are investments for your property and happiness. Make them count by choosing a pool contractor with an unblemished track record for building beautiful, long-lasting swimming pools.

With our 20-year tenure as a respected and sought-after swimming pool contractor in Salt Lake City, you can’t go wrong with hiring Packman’s Pools.

Call us at (801) 707-7246 or email packmanspools@gmail.com with your questions and requests for consultations.