Keeping Your Pool Free of Germs and Parasites, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basic elements included in typical swimming pool chemical makeup. The chemicals in your pool are vital for keeping it free of germs and potential contaminants, plus for keeping the water comfortable for swimmers.

At Packman’s Pools, we’re proud to offer a wide range of custom swimming pool construction and design services, which include complete information on the chemicals used and how to maintain your pool’s cleanliness. In today’s part two, we’ll go over the role your pool’s filtration system plays in this process, plus some additional tips we can offer on keeping the pool and pool area clean and healthy at all times.
pool free germs parasites

Filtration System

Your pool’s filtration system works with the chemicals present to filter out impurities and cleanse the water to keep it safe for swimming. This beings with a quality filter, which our team will be happy to identify and include in your pool design during this phase. In addition, here are a few other related or connected elements of a good filtration system:

  • Water pump: For a filter to work properly within the pool, it needs to have a constant stream of water pumped through it to clean. If water sits still, on the other hand, it has no chance to pass through the filter. This is what a water pump is for – it doesn’t maintain chemicals or do any cleaning of its own, but rather directs the water to the proper locations for this to happen.
  • Pool cleaner: Another add-on for many pool owners is a robotic pool cleaner, which works on top of the pool’s filtration system and will handle any lingering contamination. Another option here is an in-floor cleaning system, which clears dirt and debris automatically without you lifting a finger.
  • UV systems: For those who want to limit their chemical use, adding a pool UV system is another option. This system cleans the pool using very few chemicals, mostly limited to basic chlorine for bacteria and parasites.

Additional Best Practices

Some other general tips we can offer on keeping up proper sanitation levels within your pool:

  • Keep chemicals balanced properly – our pros are happy to assist you with understanding the suitable levels for your pool and how to stick to them.
  • Check your chemical levels at least once a week to ensure they’re at the right thresholds.
  • Clean out the filtration system at least once a month, and more often during high-usage months where the pool is being utilized more often.
  • Keep the pool generally free of surface debris, such as leaves, grass clippings or other items.

For more on keeping your pool completely free of germs and parasites, or to learn about any of our custom pool or hot tub builder services, speak to the staff at Packman’s Pools today.