Hydrotherapy and Hot Tubs: Who It’s Useful For

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the basics on hydrotherapy within hot tubs and how it’s utilized. There are several forms of hydrotherapy, or the use of heated water to help with relief from pain, and a hot tub is typically considered one of the most effective ways of achieving hydrotherapy needs. 

At Packman’s Pools, we’re a proud provider of both gunite and fiberglass hot tub options for varying client needs around Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah. Here in today’s part two of our series, we’ll shift gears a bit and look at the groups of people who hydrotherapy via hot tub tends to be ideal – and what you should be thinking about when purchasing a hot tub if you’re part of any of these groups and looking for quality hydrotherapy benefits.

hydrotherapy hot tubs useful

For Seniors or Older Adults

One of the groups that can experience the most benefits from hydrotherapy are those over 65 – for a variety of reasons. Not only does warm water provide a great form of gentle exercise, but it’s also been found to reduce joint pain and muscles aches as well as promote better blood circulation.

Hydrotherapy also aids in improving sleep quality, which is especially important for the elderly population who can have difficulties sleeping. This increased relaxation can help with any stress or anxiety a senior might be feeling, and also help improve overall wellbeing.

For Those With Arthritis

While it’s true that arthritis is more common among seniors, we wanted to give this area its own section because arthritis can also impact younger generations. For those who suffer from arthritis, the warm water of a hot tub can be especially beneficial for soothing stiff joints and providing relief from pain or discomfort.

The buoyancy of the water also provides less pressure on the body, making it easier to move without as much resistance – so if you’re struggling with arthritis, having a hot tub in your backyard can provide you with the comfort and support necessary to move freely.

For Athletes

Another group that can benefit from hydrotherapy in a hot tub are athletes. Though it’s not always the first choice of treatment, athletes have recognized the benefits of warming up and cooling down with hot water therapy – as well as helping to reduce muscle fatigue during periods of intense training.

Hydrotherapy has also been found to increase flexibility and make muscles more resilient, helping to prevent any injury or soreness after a tough workout.

General Pain, Health and Wellness

Finally, in addition to the specific groups mentioned above, hydrotherapy is beneficial for anyone who’s looking to improve their overall health and wellness. The hot water can help relax both body and mind, leading to better quality of sleep as well as a decrease in stress levels.

Hot tubs have also been proven to provide relief from general aches and pains – making it a great solution for those who experience frequent or chronic pain.

Overall, hydrotherapy in hot tubs can be an excellent way to help improve your overall quality of life – so if you’re considering investing in one, contact Packman’s Pools today to learn more about the various options we have available. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide the right hot tub for your situation.