Hot Tub Foam: Removing and Preventing it in the Future

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked into some basics on how foam often forms in hot tubs. From reactions to various chemicals to spillage or other factors, there are a number of ways hot tub foam may come up — but also some great methods for avoiding or getting rid of it if it’s becoming a problem.

At Packman’s Pools, we’re here to provide a huge range of custom hot tubs and spas, including fiberglass options and many others. While part one of our series went over the causes of foam in the hot tub, today’s part two will look at how to remove or avoid foam in the future so it’s never a problem in your spa.

hot tub foam removing preventing

Getting Rid of Hot Tub Foam

Depending on the source of the foam in your hot tub and its severity, there are a few methods you might take to remove it. These include:

  • Defoaming solution: For smaller amounts of foam, including those that arise naturally from time to time, you can use a defoaming solution. These are often added automatically by the hot tub’s filtration system, but you can also purchase and add them yourself. The chemicals in these solutions help break down the surface tension of water, which in turn helps reduce or eliminate foam.
  • Mineral cartridge: Especially for biofilm issues, which we discussed in part one, a mineral cartridge can work wonders. This type of cartridge uses minerals to help eliminate microorganisms in the water, which can help reduce or even prevent foam.
  • Draining and refilling: In some cases, the only way to really get rid of foam is to drain your hot tub and start fresh with new water. This is a good idea every few months anyway to ensure the water quality stays high, so you might as well do it when you’re having issues with foam.

Avoiding Hot Tub Foam Moving Forward

There are a few solid ways to avoid foam arising in your hot tub to begin with, as well:

  • Decreasing chemical usage: If you’re using a lot of chemicals in your hot tub — including chlorine, bromine, or other sanitizers — this could be causing the foam. In this case, you’ll want to cut back on your chemical usage to see if that helps reduce the foam. You can also switch to a different type of chemical, which may be more effective.
  • Remove sweat and body oils: When you get into your hot tub, be sure to shower first to remove any sweat or body oils. These can add to the foaming problem, so getting rid of them before you even get in will help.
  • Use a filter: A good filtration system is key for any hot tub, but it can also help reduce foam by catching some of the elements that tend to lead to it.

For more on removing and avoiding foam in your hot tub, or to learn about any of our hot tub or swimming pool services, speak to the team at Packman’s Pools today.