Considering a Utah Infinity Pool Design Format

Modern technology and design have allowed upgrades in several areas, and swimming pools are a great example. For instance, one especially sleek and modern design type that’s becoming more popular over recent years within the pool realm is known as the infinity pool.

At Packman’s Pools, we’re happy to help with numerous swimming pool planning and design themes for a wide range of different pool types, sizes and styles. We’ve introduced clients to a number of modern pool design themes or setups, and we’ll happily do the same for any of our Utah swimming pool clients. What exactly is an infinity pool, and what are some of the factors you should consider if you’re thinking about installing one on your property? Here are some basics.

Utah infinity pool design

Infinity Pool Basics

Also known as an infinity edge pool or a vanishing edge pool, an infinity pool refers to a swimming pool with a lowered edge on at least one side. This lowered edge makes the pool appear like it goes on forever at this edge, hence the “infinity” name.

In reality, though, this water is just falling over the edge and cascading into a trough. At this point, it’s pumped back into the pool and goes through the same cycle over again. In other cases, such as when the pool is inground, you may see these pools referred to as “overflow” pools as well.

Cost Factors

As you may have guessed, infinity pools tend to come at a higher cost than a standard pool setup. This is because there are several additional components, including retaining walls, pumps and motors for the water cascading into the trough, and many others.

Your final costs here will depend on a few variables, including where you place the pool and how large it is. For those who build theirs off a cliffside or related hill, these can be even more expensive, sometimes up to double the cost of a traditional pool of the same size.

Common Themes

Here are some common ways infinity pools are used on properties:

  • Installed overlooking a landscape or natural water body
  • Tiles on the retaining wall on the vanishing edge
  • Adding lights to the trough that catches overflowing water
  • Dark-bottom to increase reflectiveness of the water
  • In some cases, vanishing edges will be built on multiple edges or every edge of the pool

Important Variables

Here are some important themes or questions you might be wondering about for an infinity pool:

  • Safety: Infinity pools are completely safe, including when built on a hill or rooftop. There is always a wall that keeps anyone from falling over the edge, including kids.
  • Skimmer: Infinity pools do not require skimmers due to their overflowing design.
  • Automatic cover: Automatic covers can be added to infinity pools.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass pools can be made in the infinity design.

For more on an infinity pool, or to learn about any of our swimming pool options in Utah, speak to the staff at Packman’s Pools today.