Chlorine, Bromine and Other Swimming Pool Sanitation Options, Part 1

12-Nov-2019 Comments

chlorine bromine swimming pool sanitation

When it comes to swimming pool sanitation, the most well-known chemical out there is certainly chlorine. But it’s not actually the only option out there for pool sanitation, and ...

Keeping Your Pool Free of Germs and Parasites, Part 1

10-Sep-2019 Comments

pool free germs parasites

There are many who generally avoid public swimming pools, and one of the top reasons here is based on parasites and bacteria that can be found in such locations. A combination of h ...

Why Fiberglass is a Top Swimming Pool Material Choice

13-Aug-2019 Comments

fiberglass swimming pool material

There are several factors that you’ll be considering if you’re thinking about installing a new pool in your home, and one near the top of any list is which primary material to ...

Basics and Benefits of Tanning Ledges in Custom Pools, Part 2

09-Jul-2019 Comments

tanning ledges custom pools

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics regarding tanning ledges in pools. A customization area that’s becoming more and more common in recent y ...

Basics and Benefits of Tanning Ledges in Custom Pools, Part 1

11-Jun-2019 Comments

tanning ledges custom pools

At Packman’s Pools, we’re thrilled to be your first stop for custom pool construction. Whether you’re looking for a relatively simple fiberglass swimming pool, a complex ingr ...