About Us

A Premier Pool and Spa Builder in Utah

We have been a leader in swimming pool and spa installations in Utah for over 20 years.

That’s because we don’t just get the job done, we get it done right.

You dream it. We build it.

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes. Our team takes the time to learn your preferences. This makes it easier for us to bring your back yard to life. Our customers trust us because of our skills and insight; we know how to maximize efficiency.


With all of our experience here at Packman’s Pools, we’ve come to learn a thing or two about what a swimming pool and a hot tub mean to a home. Not only do these additions increase your home’s resale value, but more importantly, they provide a fun and exciting environment for everyone who lives there.

Our goal is to create the aesthetics you envision for your swimming pool — and we design and build stunning pools and hot tubs that do just that.

Our Goals

As one of the top swimming pool contractors in Utah, we create hot tubs and pools you’ll be proud to own.

We want you to be able to maximize the time you spend in your pool. And that’s why we keep the construction process smooth. Our team can complete most pool projects in less than 60 days.

Our quick turnover times make us one of the top choices for pool contractors. The majority of our business comes via recommendations from previous clients.

There is nothing more valuable to us than pleasing our clients, and we take every referral extremely seriously. In fact, every pool we make is with you and your family in mind.

We also believe in having the best customer service in the state of Utah. We’re available to answer your questions, and what’s more, we appreciate them! We know you are thinking about your swimming pool and spa installation just as much as we are. This is why we love to hear your questions and answer them, too!

At each step in the process, we give you detailed reports on how your project is going. We understand that as the pool gets closer to being finished, your excitement builds. That’s why we want to let you know every time we get one step closer.

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We also pride ourselves in working with only the best materials. While others might try to cut corners or use cheaper supplies, we know this hurts both you and us in the long run. That’s why we only use gunite and fiberglass for all our pools and hot tubs.

These supplies provide you with stunning features that require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

They also allow us to make unique and custom designs. You’ve likely lived in your home quite a few years. You’ve thought and dreamed about what your spa would look like. Our job is to make that happen.

Talk to Utah’s Best Spa and Hot Tub Contractors

Whether you’re ready to begin construction on a custom design or you just need some pool repairs, we’re your team!

Swimming pool and spa installation is our favorite thing, and we’re pretty good at it too. Learn how you can get started with your very own custom design.

Call us to schedule your free consultation, and learn how easy it is to get a new swimming pool or spa when you work with Packman’s Pools.